Honey…I can’t shrink my disk volume!

Well, I’ve been touting running Windows 2008 as a desktop for months. However, my latest work laptop came installed with Vista Business and I need to use it right out of the gate. Also, it’s an hp and laptops are notorious for being “driver challenge” with a new OS.

Anyway, I finally completed the book and have a need to run Windows Server 2008 x64 and Hyper-V, so I decided to use Vistas built in disk shrink function since HP built the entire drive as c:.

Well, I cleared some junk of my laptop and had about 45GB free. I tried to shrink it and came up with bubkiss…nothing…nada. All I got was a lowly 300MB. Even with the HP recovery partition vaporized, not enough for W2kOcho.

After some searching and testing, I found the solution. You not only need to defrag the drive; you need to defrag the system files. What happens is that a simple defrag does not impact the MFT, or Master File Table records, on the drive. In my case, they were sitting on the last few sectors of the disk so a shrink was impossible.

Since Vista does not have built in defrag of systems files, I downloaded a trial of Perfectdisk 2008 from Raxco software (www.raxco.com). This worked flawlessly except I had to run error-checking (chkdsk.exe) and fix any errors prior to it working. After running both, I was able to shrink my volume by up to 45GB.

Other hints:
-Turn of Volume Shadow Copies/Previous Versions
-Temporarily stop page file usage and delete pagefile.sys

Good Luck!


IE8…Beware of Chrome

IE 8 Sucks!!!! I’m running the beta and have way too many pages that don’t render properly.

Anyway, so I ran across this interesting posting at gizmodo:

Basically, if you install chrome, google has a right to use any and all content created through the browser…Guess I should stop blogging through chrome! Not that this would ever hold up in court or anything. But it’s just another example of google and problems with personal privacy.

Do No Evil…I’m calling Shenanigans!!!! They are just like everyone else…living the capitalist dream!

Chrome at your own risk…


Picture courtesy of www.earthfrisk.com

Windows 7 on the Brain


All I can think about, besides the #$%#@$% foresaken book I’m writing, is Windows 7. Why am I so enamored by it??? Probably because I can’t have it!!!

So here I sit…can’t sleep because of the book…trying to crank out some pages…And what comes to mind….

Windows 7

I’ve even thought of how I can convince my employer to send me to PDC or WinHEC so I can get a copy (fat chance)…Guess I just wait for the beta…

Unless Santa stops by the Haus early…


Drinking the Kool-Aid!!!

After finishing Ironman Wisconsin, I took a break.

Well…Break may not be the correct word, but anyway…

I’ve finally got back on the training train with the help of a great bunch of people at endurancenation.us.

If you are into triathlon, looking into triathlon, or just want to take yourself to the next level, check it out!

I’m doing the “Out-Season”, or OS plan, starting December 1 (maybe november, it just depends on how October goes)…

As the winter goes along, I’ll post my progress…

What are you doing??? Any tri-geeks in the House???

Back to Work…Mike

Fall already…

It seems like only yesterday…

Well, I am back in the saddle and ready to roll. As many of you know, the summer has been super crazy with the Book (still is till Oct 13th!!), but I’m finally get a handling on juggling everything.

Unfortunately, School, The Book, and home life has taken a toll on the blog. I’m hoping to rectify that in the coming weeks as I continue bloggin about cool things in technology and my new workout regime.

I’ll probably need to change the title as some posts will be on technology and other’s will be on triathlon/cycling training & racing.

As for technology, here are some ideas I have…
-Finish my blog series on learning Server 2008 in your own home
-Highlighting the newest and freshest tech toyz, sites and apps…
-How I’m building a Hot DR site for a SMB client using cheap & reliable Virtual Servers on the Web…Rockin Cloud Computing!

What I need from you? Keep me honest…If I’m not posting regularly, FLAME ME! Most of you know how to get a hold of me, so do it. Also, if you get into a cool beta or find a great new app/site, post it as a comment or drop me an email. I love BETA testing!!!

Talk to you Soon!

64-bit workaround

As many of you may know, I run Windows Server 2008 64-bit as my Desktop OS. The reasons are many and expansive. See my previous post on Workstation 2008 for more info.

One of the issues with running W2kOcho or a 64-bit Windows OS is driver support and legacy hardware/software support.

That’s where VMware comes in. For a few years, I used a VM of Windows XP to house my Groupwise client. Yes…My employer still used Groupwise. It pains me everytime I check my email! This seperates the horrid GW install from mucking up my OS. Also, it provides portability for my app as I keep it on a USB drive.

So I ran into a problem. After I rebuilt my machines, I could not use the scanning software or drivers for my Brother MCF-240c. I tried the Vista drivers…did not work in this case. After thinking about it, I wondering if I could run the software in a VM using VMware since VMware supports USB.

Answer…Works without a hitch!

Next experiment…Try to run activesync and update my Motorola 9Qc to Mobile 6.1 through the VM.

Stay tuned

Some kewl stuff I’ve been geeking on…

Well, it has been a long time. Writing the “Great American Textbook” has been quite an adventure. Along with Tech-Ed 2008, a trip to DC, and losing my luggage, June was a bit of a bust for me.

Anyway, I wanted to get back in the swing of things with a short post.

Anybody on the CTP for Live Mesh from Microsoft. It’s another foray from Microsoft into the cloud computing arena. I’ve been using foldershare and skydrive for a while, but this is way better. Mesh allows you to create a “desktop in the cloud” where you can store stuff. You can like folders on your local computer to Live Mesh, and it will sync the content. Also, gives you remote access to machines w/ the live mesh client.

Since tech-ed, I’ve been spending time (probably too much) on twitter and facebook. One of my followers on facebook, tecarmona has this SWEET website called CityDictionary.com. It’s a pretty kewl guide to different cities where people post “definitions” of local sites, happenings, and people. I found some pretty interesting definitions for Madison. Someone posted the traffic ring around West Town Mall as “The Circle of Death”…hilarious!

Hopefully, I can get caught up over the next week and get ahead on the book. I’ve got so much kewl stuff from Tech-Ed that I haven’t had a chance to look at yet… I haven’t even had a chance to update my phone to Windows Mobile 6.1. I’ve had the update for about a month. I just don’t have a laptop runs a 32-bit OS (required for the install)…

Have a great holiday weekend!



Got the shirts, and they are awesome.

Here’s pics of the front and Back for you…

I’ll be around all day Sunday, Monday, etc. at the Embassy Suites and Krewe events. If you want your T-Shirt prior to Sunday/Monday Pre-Cons, drop me an email at michaelbender1 AT gmail DOT com.